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Councillors Register of Interests

Councillors are obliged, by law, to keep their Statutory Register up to date, and to inform the Council's Monitoring Officer of any changes within 28 days of the relevant event.

Every effort will be taken to ensure, so far as is possible, that the electronic copies continue to match the entries in the Statutory Register. Members of the public should however be careful to check the Statutory Register of Members' Interests held at the Council Offices before relying on any information contained in the electronic version.

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Clive Arthey

Alan Ferguson

Adrian Osborne

Sue Ayres

Barry Gasper

Jan Osborne

Melanie Barrett

Kathryn Grandon

Lee Parker

Simon Barrett

John Hinton

Peter Patrick

Tony Bavington

David Holland

Stephen Plumb

Peter Beer

Michael Holt

Nick Ridley

Peter Burgoyne

Bryn Hurren

David Rose

Sue Burgoyne

Jennie Jenkins

William Shropshire

David Busby

Richard Kemp

Ray Smith

Thomas Burrows

Frank Lawrenson

Harriet Steer

Christine Campbell

James Long

Fenella Swan

Sue Carpendale

Margaret Maybury

John Ward

Michael Creffield

Alastair McCraw

Stephen Williams

Derek Davis

Mark Newman

Sian Dawson

John Nunn


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